Reverse Engineering and CAD Design


We can work from original drawings, sample parts, photographs or sketches to produce 3D CAD models, engineering drawings, tooling and casting data


Equipped with a state of the art reverse engineering office including a new Aberlink Axiom too CMM machine. Measuring envelop of X640mm x Y1200mm x Z500mm

From a replacement Whitworth bolt to a complete engine and gearbox


Offer a range of levels

- Exact replication to better than new quality (1750 oil pumps)

- Upgrades such as modern internals or improved design (AC hubs, Bentley mag, 2900 fuel pump)

- One off in house design of one-off assemblies (Talbot driveline)


In house gear design and calculation

FEA – Finite Element Analysis -  analyse where a part will fail and when, identify weak points before a failure, improved product lifespan, greater safety etc.